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Providing the therapeutic modalities: IFC, TENS, FMS and, PNS to your cell phone for use in your own home.

About Us


i-mods was founded, designed and developed by a Sports Therapist with over 28 years of experience in the physical therapy profession. As therapist these modalities are used everyday and now i-mods makes them available for you to use in the comfort of your own home, office or even on vacation.


After an extensive search i-mods finally found a technical team with the expertise to achieve the goal.  Providing these modalities using your phone as the delivery device. 

Where and How Much

I-mods is available globally, simply download the software and i-mods will ship you the accessories (pads and leads) immediately. Not only are we unique but we are also very very cost effective. Due to our unique methods we offer our product at a fraction of the cost of our competition. Enjoy!

The Modalities

IFC - Interferrential Current

IFC is the most widely used electomechanical modality. It is used to decrease pain, swelling and muscle spasm.

TENS - Transcutaneous Electronic Neuromuscular Stimulator

TENS is a very common modality and is used to decrease pain and spasm in muscle.

FMS - Functional Muscle Stimulator. PNS- Peroneal Nerve Stimulator

FMS is used to mechanically stimulate a muscle that has atrophied.

PNS is used to stimulate blood flow in the lower leg and is great for recover from exercise.

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